Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cat Toy Review: Kitty Collage

Klaus and Oskar had a chance to test some good things this past weekend thanks to the folks at Kitty Collage.  The cats tested the catnip pillows, kitty treats, and some dried exotic catnip from last August's harvest.  All of the items were a huge hit and even Klaus couldn't resist the aroma (usually Oskar is the cat who goes nuts over catnip scents).

The catnip pillows come in two sizes.  We found that Oskar tossed the small one around like it was a mouse and spent considerable time chewing on it as well.  The larger pillow is similar to a Kitty Kick Stix toy because both cats would hold on to it with their jaws and front claws while kangaroo kicking it with their hind paws.  The fabric seems very durable, and it is both colorful and stitched with care. 

The treats were well-received and were completely eaten.  They are not too firm in consistency and the ingredients are for the most part wholesome.  We had little guilt giving the boys an extra snack or two, although we strongly feel that snacks should be moderated since they are not as balanced nutritionally as premium soft foods.  Use these as a special reward. 

Lastly, the exotic dried catnip was of top quality and very potent despite being harvested ten months ago.  The cats had a very strong reaction to it and preferred it significantly over our own fresh catnip we grew.  The hyper phase lasted about 20 minutes followed by a period of complete calm when the cats were too intoxicated to move even an inch.  We are pretty sure we'll be ordering more of this quality catnip when the supply runs low.

Overall, Klaus and Oskar give the products from Kitty Collage two dew claws up (that's two thumbs up for us)!  We feel strongly about promoting small companies that put care into the products they sell -- especially for such a reasonable price.  The best companies are the ones where you can e-mail the owner and get a prompt reply back.  Anyway, feel free to visit Kitty Collage on the web at the following addresses:



Oskar guards the package from Kitty Collage.
Catnip pillow fabric close-up.

Travel-size catnip pillow.

The big catnip pillow.

Bite, bite, bite ... lick, lick, bite...

Oskar's back legs are starting to get into the action.

Klaus hogs the two catnip pillows.

Kitty Collage contact info.

Kitty snacks.

You could be arrested for this in some places!
Top-quality catnip up close.

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