Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bonus Video: Klaus the Stress Relief Cat

Klaus is a genuine therapy cat.  He can relieve your stress in two minutes -- you just have to watch his beautiful face as he tries to fall asleep!  Ha!

Actually, below is some more info on the big guy from The Cat House newsletter.  He's really one of a kind and we are the luckiest people in the world to have him (and Oskar too of course)!

Adoption Stories From Around the Web and Around the World (Numbers 21 and 22)!

It's been a while since we shared these genuine inspirational tales of people finding their special furry life companions -- as always unedited and posted just the way they're sent in to us.  Let's not delay too much longer and get to the good stuff.  If you have a story to share on Oskar's blog, please e-mail it to:

First, we have the story of a once unlucky kitten named Pezz who now gets to live the good life, sent in by Mia:

"a few years back, a neighbor approached me in hysterics, a tiny wet bundle under her sweatshirt. upon a closer look, this little thing was a kitten..about the size of a.... i was just so small.... and redolent of motor oil.

luckily, there was an veterinary hospital across the street, and we neighbor on the verge of an asthma attack, me, one day away form surgery and this tiny little thing, more dead than alive.

it was a three week old kitten that someone had tried to drown in motor oil, and my neighbor had heard it crying. the vet's assistant took it back to try and remove some of the oil..including that which had sealed its barely opened eyes shut. its temperature was barely 84, and my neighbor couldn't take any financial responsibility, so i did. i was told that i could take him (yes, they could tell me that "it" was a "him") home, but that it would probably be only to give him a warm, safe place to die....

i kept him in the bib of some overalls i had...right next to me....called and postponed my surgery..... tried to drop kms into his mouth...kept records of his intake and output...of which there wasn't any...but he was alive... his eyes opened....
his temperature stabilized.... on the third day, freaked that he was rejecting the kms, put him near some wet food that i was about to feed my tuxie.. and he went nuts...literally making little growling omnomnom noises.

because of his size and thumbing my nose at his would be murderers, i named him "pezz"...1) after the tiny candy...and 2) as a contraction of the oil brand "penzoil"

and here's a pic of him now (on the left, with my tuxie "simon")"

One more story for tonight.  This one is about a special needs rescue kitty named Ritz, and it's sent in by Heather.

"After horrible flooding in our area in Sept 2011 there were several areas that had to be evacuated and temporary shelters were set up. My son and I volunteered to help walk and take care of dogs and cats that couldn't go home. There were also several cats there listed as strays that police had found in evacuated areas. I couldn't take my eyes off the little bundle curled shivering in the back of one of the cages. He looked so much like a cat I lost less then a year before to bacterial meningitis. At first I didn't even realize he was missing a leg. I called the shelter every day to see if he had been claimed and when he hadn't and they had to close it down I went and picked him up.

He had an upper respiratory infection, really bad ear mites, fleas, a broken tail in two places, and he's missing his back left foot below his knee. The first time I fed him he acted like it was going to disappear at any moment.
I took him to the vet the next day to have him checked out. He was under weight and was put on antibiotics. I thought he would hate me because every time I dug him out from where ever he was hiding I had to give him medicine for something or try and get rid of some of the fleas he was covered with. Every time I found him hiding he would find a new spot to go.

I can tell when his leg is bothering him because he will lay on his side and pull himself along to reach what he wants. I trim my other 5 cats nails but I just can't seem to do that to him because I know he uses those front claws more to get where he wants to go. When I see him trying to scratch on his left side I take care of the itches for him which he seems to appreciate.

He's breathing is still weird and he doesn't meow very loud, if at all. You can see his mouth going at times but nothing comes out.

He now follows me EVERYWHERE and sleeps with me at night. He still doesn't like strangers, especially men and has just starting to allow my son to pet him. As soon as he hears someone coming up the stairs he wakes up and hides under my bed. I don't know what all he had been through before he was found but I'm so happy that such a strange turn of events brought us together."
Oh yeah, Ritz also has his own Facebook page, so visit him and say hello:

That's it for now -- more stories coming soon!    : )