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Oskar & Klaus: The Instagram Photos Part 7

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Adoption Stories From Around the Web and Around the World (Numbers 18, 19, and 20)!

It's been a while since we shared some heartwarming adoption stories from around the planet -- why not post some today (the taxes are done and the night is free).  Some of these animals have more secial needs than others, but one thing is constant: they mean the world to their caretakers!  If you have a story which you want to share with us, please e-mail to  Here we go.....!

The first story is about Charlotte, the half-blind cat, sent in by Amy K.

"Wanted to share my story about my kitty Charlotte - she is half blind (can't see out of her left eye).

I had a cat before her, named Paco. He was also blind out of one eye - due to lack of tear production. Unfortunately, at 8 years, he got cancer and I had to put him down. I was distraught for months...

One day my room mate was in a bad mood and suggested we go to the shelter and play with kitties and puppies to cheer her up. I said to her "Fine, but NO ANIMALS are coming home with me!". I missed my other kitty, but I had 2 others at home and thought I would keep things at a 2 cat house.

Well, we went into the cat room - and there my room mate and her boyfriend met Charlotte. They fell in love with her, and begged me to let them adopt her and keep her at my house. She had only one eye - the left one was bad just like my Paco cat. They felt so sorry for her and were afraid no one else would adopt her. I was reluctant to welcome another kitty into my home, but I agreed to let them take her home as long as they promised to be responsible for her.

After having Charlotte for about a week, we bonded amazingly and she became my little girl. My room mate came over to me a week later and told me "I got her for YOU. YOU needed her, and SHE needed you!"

She was right, and that was the best gift ever. Charlotte is the best thing ever! She has a wonderful personality and doesn't seem to even realize she has a handicap."

The next submission is actually from our town, Omaha, Nebraska! Here is a tale of three sweet cats sent in by Miranda Z.  

"Hello! I recently became acquainted with Oskar the Blind Cat. This is such a touching story. I've always wanted to be able to help a special needs cat. But, each time a cat falls into my lap, they are lucky enough to be completely healthy.

I actually have three cats, and one dog. The cats are, in order, Scorn, Musketeer and Tesla. Each of the cats has their own unique story of being on the street and finding a way into my house and my heart.

Scorn, being the oldest and the head cat, is my baby. I've had her for almost 10 years. When we found her, she was sitting and shivering in the November winds on the front stoop of my mom's co-worker's house. The co-worker said that she had gotten the cat, then named Brooklyn, for her oldest daughter, but she didn't like the way the litter box smelled, so she kicked the cat out of her house. I remember sitting in my mom's car after that, watching this tiny cat be bullied by other neighborhood cats, sleep sitting up, nearly fall over from falling asleep, and watched the food in her bowl be eaten. Neither my mom or I could stand watching this poor thing be cold anymore. My mom told her co-worker that, if she could not find a home for the cat, she would take her. The co-worker said she would not look, and if we wanted the cat, we could take it now.

So, I bundled the little cat in my coat, and we took her home. We found out later, after taking her to the vet, that she weighed almost 3 pounds, and she was a little over 1 year old. I immediately fell for this cat. And this cat would not leave my side when I was at home. At the time, she would glare at me, meow at me, then demand attention from me by climbing into my lap. I began to call her Scorn, because she looked like she scorned everything! I later found out that cats will slowly blink to show affection. However, I think Scorn is still a fitting name.

Nearly 10 years later, she will come when I call her, will lay on me for the better part of the night, and she will never say no to pettings. She's recently had a growth start on her stomach, so I fear our time with her is quickly drawing to a close. But, when I can afford it finally, I'm going to start looking into treatments for her. I'm spoiled enough that I will do anything to have my baby Scorn around for as long as possible.

The second cat is Musketeer. He is the offspring of a group of cats my mom and some of her law school friends helped save. Musketeer's mother was born under a porch in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Musketeer's mother, Pirate (because of the one black patch she had over an eye), was FIV+ when she had her kittens. Thankfully, Musketeer was not affected by the disease. He was raised from kitten to cat by my husband. He is now our slinky, skitterish cat, sometimes only coming out for headbutts late at night when the house has settled down and ready for sleep. We figure he has the mind of an advertiser. He will only let you give him attention if you chase and follow him for it. You must work for the attention you will give him! When you have satisfactorily completed the chase, he will flop over onto his side, and ask for belly rubs.

The last of our clan is Tesla Coil, or simply Tesla. She is definitely my little momma's cat. She was abandoned around a drug store parking lot in August of 2010. She was covered in fleas, had worms galore, and ear mites. A friend of ours found her, took her to the vet to clear her of all the mites and worms, and took her home. She was maybe 7 weeks old when they found her, and she did not get along well at all with their older cat. Our friend asked my husband if he was interested in her. My husband said probably not, but then the friend showed him little Tesla. My husband melted, texted me that he was bringing home a cat, and that was final.

A while later, he walks in to our small apartment, with a tiny brown bundle in his arms. I scooped her up, and held her like a baby for more than an hour while she acquainted herself with her new surroundings. We believe Scorn had not been feeling well at the time, and had been acting a little strange. When Tesla came into the apartment, Scorn was instantly a mother, cleaning her and carrying her around, showing her where the food bowl was, and keeping an eye on her. Musketeer warmed up to her immediately as well. He was very happy to have a new playmate, as we had tried other cats but they were not compatible with our clan in some form or another.

Tesla is now 8 pounds of chittery little cat. She has a hard time being locked out of bathrooms while you are in there, showering or just trying to do your business. She will mew at you until you let her in, and then mew at you until you pet her.

I know that they aren't exactly adoption stories. But, I kind of see them as rescue stories, I guess. If I didn't have my four furry babies, I think there would always be something missing. And, I'm sure I would not be half as happy without them."




The next story is one that's just beginning, and we are awaiting an update. It was shared with us by Alyssa W.
"Hi, this is about my new cat, who doesn't quite have a name yet. On March 4th (2012), my fiance and I were stopped at a red light in our car, waiting to turn left. As we were waiting, we saw a cat get hit by a car next to us. Cars were moving around her and not even stopping to check to see if she was ok. We both noticed she was still moving, so my fiance jumped out of the car and ran across five lanes of traffic to get to her. As he was running back, people were giving us disgusted looks, as if we were doing something horrible!

The cat was bleeding profusely from her mouth and we were both panicking. We had just moved to a new house and neither one of us knew where a vet's office was that was open on a Sunday afternoon. The poor cat was bleeding everywhere, but she was very calm. We found a cop cruising along and I literally sped up to 70 mph (when it was only a 45 mph zone) to catch up to him and flag him down. My fiance got out of the car, covered in blood, and carrying the cat, and asked the cop if he knew of a vet that was close by. The cop told us that there was a vet at the next light and, thankfully, it was an emergency vet's office.

We sped to the office where they took her from us. The lady was not very nice, only saying that we did a nice thing and that nobody else would have done it. She did, however, tell us that we would not be able to see how the cat was doing, since she was not ours.

We went home, both traumatized and scared whether the cat would die or not. My fiance called later that night and all they told us was that they gave her pain medication and that she had head trauma and was doing ok.

The next day, we went to see her and, boy, was she a lover. She was rubbing all over us, wanting to be loved. The vet told us that she was not hurt at all, besides a ripped lip (which is almost all healed now) and that she was either just pregnant or early on in a pregnancy. We were told that the owner could not be found since she didn't have a chip and that the owner of the office would have to give us permission to keep her. We went home with high hopes and called the next day. Luckily for us, she said yes.

Yesterday we picked her up. She is, in fact, pregnant, and we are very excited to be the owner of this lucky kitty.

The first picture is of her sleeping and the second picture of her was taken right after we got her."


"Molly gave birth to five healthy kittens on March 22nd. They all seem to be perfectly healthy, which is great, considering what happened. I've attached a picture that was taken after they were all born."

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Urgent Help Needed: Neville the Kitten [UPDATED]

We were recently contacted by one of the board members of the Hancock Count Humane Society in Greenfield, Indiana, about a very special kitten named Neville that is having a hard time finding a home.  Because of his special needs, and the fact that the shelter is located in a smaller rural community and doesn’t see as much foot traffic as a larger city shelter, the odds of having the right person walk through their door are slim.  Neville’s difficult placement has also led the board to entertain the idea of euthanasia.  We want to do all that we can to promote this kitten to the rest of the world and try to find him a loving home as soon as possible.  Below is the info on this special guy directly from the board member’s email to us:
“{Neville] is about 6 months’ old, golden eyes, orange. A polydactyl, he has these big paws that make him look like he's wearing mittens all the time. A friendly guy, he likes to play and run (or hop) around.
Neville is a "rumpy" meaning he has a little, tiny bit of a tail but you wouldn't know it. (Polydactyl and rumpy is pretty rare). But this is where the problems start: rumpies have difficulty with pooping. (see the manx syndrome) Often there's neurological issues in that not all of the nerve endings work well enough to help them know when they have to go. Neville tries hard to go; sometimes he whines he's trying to so hard. But then he doesn't go and when he relaxes when he's not trying, little poo-duds will eventually find their way out onto the floor, his cage or wherever. When you clean his bottom, he pees...a lot. But he purrs the whole time and he's a lover-cat of epic proportions. 
Neville is a special little guy; he really loves human interaction and the more attention he gets, the more "normal" he becomes......”
We really feel that with some care and patience (and possibly some kitty diapers for a period of time) Neville would become much better about using the litter box at the right time.  We have seen some great videos of people caring for paralyzed kittens and cats, and they manage despite more substantial nerve damage (Please watch this amazing video some time and keep in mind that the kitties shown have much, much more nerve damage than Neville:!) 
The shelter welcomes application from out of state to anyone who can be the hero for Neville.  Please visit the following web address for shelter contact information and to apply.
Here are some photos of Neville!

May 2, 2012
Great news -- Neville has found a permanent home with a loving family in Florida.  He was picked up by his new "mom" and flew to his new place this week!  Thank you for helping!