Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adoption Stories From Around the Web and Around the World (Numbers 2 & 3)!

We have already received a dozen or so fantastic stories from animal lovers for around the globe describing the incredible journey through life that they are taking (or have taken) with a special needs animal -- or sometimes several.  As we read these stories, we cannot help but be moved to tears; some due to sadness, but most due to joy.  In this uncertain time in the world's history -- despite being inundated daily with stories of scandals, greed, corruption, cruelty, and hate -- these stories prove that there are still many selfless and genuinely good people out there.  Please share these with your friends; these are for everyone. 

As we stated before, we will post the stories just as they are written, without altering them in any way. We will also include the photos and links to videos that come our way. If you have a story that needs to be heard, please send it our way to blindoskar@yahoo.com.
Since we want to share as many of the submissions as possible, today we will post two.  To balance things out, however, we have to have a doggie story in the mix!  Here we go...the first one is from Holly W. about her wonderful dog, Misa: 
"In 2010 our family was looking for a new dog (we already have one, but she was kinda lonely when we were out of the house). So we started looking at the local shelter a puppy we could adopt. After a couple months of searching (and having no luck), we were about to give in when the receptionist told us there was a puppy at the shelter in the next town that they could transfer over so we could take a look, but we were told she had some problems. Two days later we got a call that she had arrived and we could come look at her that afternoon. When we got to the shelter, we were shocked by how matted and dirty her fur was and how shy she was. The worker told us that she was dropped when she was a newborn, so her fontanelle never closed. Because of this she was deaf and had permanent brain damage. We knew she was perfect, so we decided she was the one. Her name is Misa. We couldn't pick her up for a few days because they had to give her all her shots and fix her. She was still incredibly matted and dirty when we took her home with us, but the groomer fixed that the next day. She's a beautiful dog. We taught her hand signals so she'll sit & stay. Even with the deafness and brain damage she's smart and beautiful. She's perfect."

Now it's time for a feline story about a little warrior named Tux, sent in by Allie from New York. (...and here is a little extra 411 about Allie which she didn't share in the story: she has opened her home to other critters that need good care, including sugar gliders, ferrets, and koi!)
"Last summer I was working at a vet's in my town. Some lady and her teenage son brought a tuxedo kitten (probably 4 months? at max, 6months) in our front door. Turns out they had found him in a construction zone, where he'd either been shot by a pellet gun or had fallen and impaled himself on rebar. (We'll never know but ... it looked like a pellet shot). He had a hole the size of a pellet in his back right leg. The Xrays showed three breaks in the bone and a break in his tail. The boy who came with his mother, said, when we asked his mother what she wanted us to do (we legally had to ask) he said "take it out back and shoot it". Well there was no question then, we grabbed him and set him up in a kennel, wrapping him up to keep him warm. Fast forward about four days - surgery's done, he got neutered and the leg removed - and he was out of the danger zone. I took him home to foster him until he was healthy. Almost a year later, and he' hasn't left us yet. Tux doesn't even seem to notice he only has three legs - and is the most avid of hunter. We have three cats total (all rescues of sorts) and they're all indoors but we live in the country and often have mice and such living in our walls. Tux will be the first to nab them, faster than any of the four leggers! I'm attaching photos I took of him. One is post surgery and one is now! (Warning, not for the faint of heart, he has a drain and was just a few days out of surgery) He shares the house with a poly-dactyl neurotic siamese\russian blue mix (6 on one paw, 7 on another and each back foot has dew claws!) and a hyper, always wide eyed, domestic short hair. XD Tux might not have had the best start but he's got a great home now!"

Monday, January 30, 2012

Adoption Stories From Around the Web and Around the World (Number 1)!

We are very pleased to post the first story submitted to us (we already have two others too) about the inevitable drama and indescribable joy that comes from bringing in special needs animals into your home.  Our goal with posting these submissions is to showcase not only the animals’ amazing will to live and ability to adapt, but also to illustrate how rewarding the experience is for everyone involved!  We want these stories to inspire those who are considering animal adoption to take a chance with that dog or cat which has a missing eye, leg, or ear (or all three).  We want them to open their home to the starved kitten who was left for dead in a sack somewhere, or to welcome the stray dog who is recovering from bone fractures at the local shelter.  We already have the privilege of experiencing this first-hand – and this is an experience which we wouldn’t trade for anything!

We will post the stories just as they are written, without altering them in any way.  We will also include the photos and links to videos that come our way.  If you have a story that needs to be heard, please send it our way to blindoskar@yahoo.com. 

Without further ado, we present to you the story of Monty and Oreo sent in by Tanya C.  Thank you Tanya – you are nothing less than a hero!

"I used to work at an animal emergency clinic as a receptionist in 2008. This one woman that volunteered at a cat shelter would bring in her worst cases for us and we would give her a discounted price. That day she had brought in this little 6 week old blind kitten named Baby. Baby was put into a glass tank where he was kept for observation. He was almost too young to have surgery or anesthesia, but the doctors proceeded anyway, because his infection was life threatening. Baby and his four brothers were born with herpes of the eye that was given to them by their mother. They were all found in a dumpster and since their eyes were moist from the infection, maggots had gotten into them. Baby only had a few bits and pieces of his eyes left, he was the worst case out of all his brothers. Every day I would go in the back and visit Baby. I wasn't able to hold him yet, because he was still recovering, but I simply fell in love with his little messed up face. I was probably one of the only ones at the vet that found beauty in this little boy. The fifth day they had him there I went back to go visit again, but couldn't find his tank. I asked one of the technicians and they told me he was doing better so they put him in a bigger cage. I was so excited that I got to actually pet him that I nearly ran to the cage :) He was sitting in the corner of the cage looking meek and frightened. I opened the cage and put my hand in so he could pick up my sent. He crawled ever so slowly over to my hand, sniffed it and then placed his paw on my palm and it was then that I knew he had adopted me :) I called the woman at the shelter and told her I wanted to adopt Baby and she was overjoyed. She also told me that I should adopt one of his brothers as well so he could have a companion. I changed Baby's name to Monty and adopted his little brother who is partially blind and named him Oreo. Monty and Oreo have become the complete joy in my life. I have spent over 3,000 on their eye surgery and to make sure they are completely comfortable and it has been worth every penny!  It’s amazing how big miracles come in such small packages." J

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oskar Makes It Into TIME Magazine (second time this month)!

"Have you guys seen my little brother?  He's the Beast with No Eyes!"

Scary thing is, we watched all of these videos already...

January 30th, 2012, issue of TIME magazine.

Why can't they stay this small and fuzzy for ever?!?!

Nothing can distract these two from dinner!

Waiting for a kiss!

"TIME! - Why can't I be in Cat Fancy?" asks Oskar.

"I'm on YouTube too!!!"

Klaus hands!

Yes, that's Oskar reading -- he knows many tricks!

We were informed by a friend yesterday that Oskar is in the current issue of TIME magazine (dated January 30th) -- so we rushed out and grabbed a copy.  It's just a photo, but it accompanies a great article on the rise of YouTube.  Oskar was already featured in TIME earlier this month in the January 9th issue.  This was certainly an unexpected surprise -- we had to share!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bonus Video!

Thank you for visiting our blog!  We are excited to develop this page throughout the next several months to include pet profiles from Oskar & Klaus fans, shared stories about special needs animal adoption, product reviews, animal-focused news from around the world, shelter and rescue organization spotlights, and of course our photos, videos, and stories featuring Oskar and Klaus.  The e-mail address for submission of ideas for the blog, pet profiles, or adoption stories is blindoskar@yahoo.com.  While you're here, please subscribe to the blog, and please enjoy the bonus video of Klaus and Oskar's encounter with the "Care Package."  See you soon!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oskar & Klaus YouTube Videos

These are all of the videos through January 27th, 2011.  There will be many more to come!


Welcome to the official blog that chronicles our life with Oskar the Blind Cat and his big brother, Klaus.  We want to use this page to share our experience with special needs animals, as well as to share photos, videos, and general observations about our journey through life.  My goal is to update the blog as frequently as time permits.  My wife, Bethany, will share this responsibility with me as well.  Oskar and Klaus have refused to help!  I sincerely hope that you will return to our page from time to time and share in the excitement of watching Oskar grow and mature (Klaus can only grow horizontally at this point).


Mick Szydlowski
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