Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Launching Today:

Today we will launch at 9pm Central.  What you will see in a few hours is just a tiny step in creating the coolest online pet shop in the whole universe (we have modest goals). 
This web shop was created to offer pet lovers around the world a chance to buy quality products made by independent, creative, eco-friendly, and just plain awesome companies.  We will specialize in pet toys and accessories that feature durable construction, nontoxic materials, organic ingredients, and -- above all -- great design.  
Our goal is to keep testing pet products and constantly adding the best we can find.  We always prefer doing business with suppliers who donate a portion of their sales to fund charities around the globe.
We personally partnered with three fantastic animal rescue organization and 20% of the full purchase price of each product we sell will be donated quarterly to aid their mission (most companies donate 5% or 10% of just profits, not net sales).  Our partner charities are listed below.
-The Cat House in Nebraska (former home of “The Klaus”)
-Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in North Carolina
-The Cat House on the Kings in California
We only have a handful of products as we begin this venture (inventory is expensive when your business has no cash flow yet), but we will certainly offer the first batch of 100 cat ties starting at 9pm.  These are specifically our product and Bethany has spent countless hours perfecting the design and sewing.  If we sell out of any product, it’s just a matter of days before more will become available.  Additionally, in the next weeks and months you will be able to buy Oskar and Klaus calendars, photo books, recycled totes, posters, signature catnip toys, photo prints, and all sorts of pet products made by animal-loving entrepreneurs from around the world.  Oh yeah, we will also have a girl-cat version of the ties!
I’m sure we will receive some criticism for this venture because “selling” and “money” have an amazing ability to spoil a good thing in the minds of many.  We will close by stating our intentions:  we want to offer products that we have control over (unlike Cafepress and Zazzle), we want to sell the right products from the right suppliers, we want to raise funds for organizations we admire, and finally, we hope that this gives us an opportunity (down the line, anyway) to have a part-time home business that lets us spend more time with Oskar and Klaus.  Call it our own mini American dream!  
Thank you for all of your support,
Mick, Bethany, Oskar & Klaus
Omaha, Nebraska


  1. I wish you the best of luck. I have a small rescue for more or less slightly "defective" cats,and I really enjoy reading about Oskar and Klaus.

  2. awwww how sweet :D

  3. Good luck from Spain!! I'm going to buy one of these fabulastic ties! :D

  4. Can't wait for the girl-cat ties, don't want to buy a tie for my boy cat and leave my girl cat feeling under-dressed!

  5. Yay! Good for you! I will post a link on my blog, too!

  6. All the best to you! I too will post a link on my blog. And I shall be perusing your shop next too!