Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cats Need Help - From the American Heartland to the Holy Land

August 4th, 2012:

We receive lots of request to share information about cats that need to urgently find homes (we generally share these via Oskar's Facebook page). Often, these are cats with special needs and disabilities. This cute bunch is no exception.

The first cats that need help were dropped off in a cardboard box on the porch of a former Cat House volunteer named Melissa -- she now lives outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, in a small town called Friend. The box contained a momma cat and her babies. One of the babies was unfortunately not alive, and the others were wrapped up in the umbilical cord (which caused some injuries). One of the kittens is partially blind and another has a damaged foot. Melissa writes:

"I just wanted to send you a message about those babies that came to me in the box that were intertwined in umbilical cords. One has half a paw and one is partial blind. The other one escaped peril. The mama also needs homing as well. Their names are Sassy for the half foot.... Sheba for the mom..... Stella for the blind and Sabrina for the fluffy gray cutie!!!"

Below are the photos. If you can help Melissa in any way, please contact her directly at this e-mail address:

Sassy (the half-foot)
Sassy's damaged foot
Stella (partially blind)
another Stella pic
Sheba (mom cat)

The kitten you'll see below is currently being taken care of by a fan of Oskar named Gili in Tel Aviv, Israel. The little guy is named Sammy and he is totally blind. Gili writes:

"This is Sammy (temporary name). He is vivacious, sweet, climbs and plays, loves to come up to people. We can get him to anywhere in Israel. We can't keep him because we are at full capacity animal (and people) wise. Uses a litter box. So adorable."

You may contact Gili at this e-mail address or you may call from Israel: 054-7000175.


Here's also a link to a short YouTube video of sammy:

Let's see if we can find permanent, loving homes for these cats living on basically opposites sides of the globe! Thank you!


  1. Je suis fan de votre site et de tous ces magnifiques chats. Bisous Diane

  2. Friends, I´m Juanmi from Spain. It´s good to see there are people like you in the world.

    I had a cat like Oskar! It´s blind from birth, you can see it in

    I can show you photos if you want it!

    Kisses from oskar, klauss, friends and for you!


  3. You are wonderful... I do hope they all find forever homes!

    A new friend,