Monday, March 19, 2012

Oskar & Klaus: The Instagram Photos Part 5

At the vet.

At the vet's office before neutering.

Home from the vet after neutering!

The pain patch.

The pain patch is off.


  1. I love all pics of Klaus and Oskar. Can hardly wait till The Instagram part 6

  2. None of my cats ever had a pain patch after neuter/spay. Is this something new? Did Klaus 'get done' at the same time? Love these guys!!

    1. Klaus was already neutered when we adopted him. I think the patch is a new option when you have surgical procedures done on animals. It may be too much for neutering, but Oskar was loving it for a couple of days! My good friend's dog just had some knee problems fixed and she is also on the pain-relief patch.

  3. My cat is neutered too. I think it is better for him - he is happier: no fights, no scars, no wandering.