Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adoption Stories From Around the Web and Around the World (Numbers 15, 16, and 17)!

We proudly present to you the next series of stories of special-needs animal adoption. These tales show that through the kindness and love of dedicated people, homeless animals that are just fighting for their survival can blossom into wonderful life-long companions. If you have a story to share, please e-mail it to

Let’s start with the saga of Sweetie, sent in by Gina G.

"About three years ago, I moved into a new place where I could have cats, so my first thing to do was to get a cat. It was my mom's housewarming gift to me. I already had a name picked out too: Queenie. So I went to the local vet's office to see if they had any cats available. I only wanted a rescue cat. They had two that day. The first one they brought out was a scaredy cat. She was shaking and shivering and her tail was between her legs and her back legs were shaved completely. Most cats don't put their tails between their legs. She was terrified. I asked what her story was.

Apparently, whoever had owned her left her in her crate on the front porch of the vets office. Because she was in the crate, she wasn't discovered until the vet's office closed and one of the vet workers was leaving. They didn't know anything about her. She had been there all day in March where our temps can vary from very cold/snowy to pretty warm, like 60s. This was one of those 60 degree days. I asked about why her legs were shaved. I was told that her legs were shaved because she had an infestation of fleas on both of her legs, so to take care of her, they shaved her legs and bathed her. I was smitten and worried no one would want her. I looked at the next cat anyway, even though my mind was just about made up about that first cat. I couldn't get how scared she was out of my head and how many people wouldn't want to take a cat so scaredy. The other cat was friendly, but then nipped at me. I was just so in love with the first cat that I had to get her and since she was
so sweet (even though she was scared, I could tell, lol), I called her Sweetie pretty immediately.

I had to wait a few days to make sure that the flea infestation didn't get infected before I could bring her home. I brought her home to kitty litter and food ready for her. I monitored her eating and pooping habits to make sure that she was adjusting okay. She hid under my couch for the first couple of days when there was a loud noise or anything, but she warmed up to me that first day. I sat on the floor to eat dinner and she came out to sit with me. From the way she reacts to people, I am pretty sure she was abused because she doesn't always respond well to new people. And she sometimes is a little slow, like she was cleaning herself the other day and she got her collar caught in her mouth. But other than that, she has made a full recovery. Her favorite toy is tissue paper and she loves catnip! She still gets scared sometimes, especially during thunderstorms or around new people, but she is my little pretty kitty and my Sweetie and I love her so much."


The second story is a tribute to Puss, sent in by Morgan H. It's a sad ending, but we included it in the mix of stories to remind everyone that sometimes special needs animals are not destined to have much time here on Earth with us. Nonetheless, even if their time is brief, they can touch our hearts and spirits in profound ways!

"My dad was at the local camping area. It was time to take the campers home. While moving my great-uncles camper, my dad heard a tiny meow. My dad thought it was just his imagination when all of a sudden he heard it again. He was searching around the area. He looked under a pile of wood. There sat a 3-4 week old kitten. He took him home, he called me to come and look. By my surprise There was a tiny orange and white kitten! I decided to name him Puss. My brother did not care for him much, but I fell in love the minute I layed my eyes on him. He had no teeth and was really small, like a hamster. It looked as if his eyes just opened for the first time! He was wild at first. Three days later he meowed for me to come play with him. Did I mention that he loved it when I read spongebob books to him?

He was playing in my room one day when all of a sudden he started to shake and shake. I thought he got scared. He made a weird nose and fell. As soon as he got back up he ran away. My mom is allergic to cats. When he got big we put him in the shop (A place where tools are put and other things) He lived in there. One day my dad was working on something. Puss screached and fell to the ground. My dad wrapped him up in a blanket and took him in the house, did I also mention that my dad doesn't like animals? He was sick for a few days. After a while we put him back in the shop. He was playing in the snow and he got cold, he ran to the house. I took him in my room. Something was wrong, he wasn't as playful, he didn't like any noise except my voice, and I noticed the tips of his ears were starting to freeze. A few days later he became really sick. He spent another night inside the house.

The next day my dad and I drove him to the vet. That was the last time I ever saw him. He had to stay the night. Hours later we got a phone call saying that they have to drain some fluid from his lungs and he should be ok. They phoned again and they said the fluid keeps coming back. The next day they said that he was only drinking water. Hours later the vet phoned back and said he was dead. He was born a stray and had problems with his heart and organs. That's why he screeched alot. We thought he was being silly. It turns out that his heart was too big for his body. His organs started to shut down and he passed away. To this day my cousin makes fun of me for crying when he died. I don't find it funny. It's been a year since he passed and I still cry everytime I tell his Story.

R.I.P Puss

Ps: This picture is him trying to attack the camera. He always would bite people, not out of anger but in a playful way. I do have a picture of him attacking my leg. He always chased me, no, I didn't chase him, he chased me. He always attacked people, but it was so cute."

The final story tonight is about a little feline angel named Lucy, sent in by Stacy S.

"Hello...This is a story about my sweet little girl Lucy. In was the winter of 2006 and it was cold, wet and dark outside. I went to let my yellow lab outside to go potty and notice something in the snow. Something black, so I went to see and it started to move, but not walk, she was pulling herself with her front legs. But before I could get to her she was gone. So the next night I put some tuna outside and set up a trap. It worked! She could fit in my hand and she was so wild, scared and in pain. What had happen was the night before she'd been hit by a car and left to die. The car had run over her back legs and pelvis, crushing everything from the middle of her back all the way down. It was so late by the time I got her in the house, so I set up a small dog cage with warm blankets, water and food.

The next day I took her to the vet and I didn't like what he had to say at all. He said that I should just put her down, there's was no hope for her and if she did live she wouldn't walk or eat well. I left and went to a different vet! This one was a little more compassionate and understanding. He did all the tests and gave her pain meds and made her comfortable. I found out that she was only about 3 weeks old and that her pelvis and hips had been crushed. One hip was worst than the other but he didn't think she'd make it. So after several visits and a lot of money (that I didn't have) she came home with me. After about 6 months and a lot of therapy, money, patients, and love she started showing signs of health and happiness. She was walking, with a limp, running, jumping, eating, and acting like a "normal" kitten. She wasn't going to be totally normal..she's only about 5 pounds. She can jump but not real high. She can run but not very far, and she will always need help with her potty problems. She has problems going potty everywhere...she can't always make it to the potty. She lost half of her tail and the vet said she'd never use the rest of the tail. He also told me that I should just take her bad leg off at the hip and take the rest of her tail. He told me that she more than likely wouldn't live to be over 2 years old.

TODAY...She's going to be 6 years old this summer and she's healthy, happy and loved so very much. She's spoiled and pretty much runs our house. It's just me and my 13 year old daughter plus besides Lucy we also have two other rescue cats and a yellow lab. Lucy's my black little angel, she has made my life complete. She's smart, funny, loving, and so sweet. We have a very special bond that's very hard to explain. She's part of my heart and soul. The older she gets the problems she's has are becoming worst. She walks a little slower, hurts more in her joints, and doesn't run around as much as she use too. If I had money I would find a place that would help her, if that's even possible. I will keep trying...I will never, ever give up on my Lucy! All in all she's doing good, even when 3 vets told me she wouldn't even live this long. I guess she showed all of them."



  1. Morgan, Don't worry about what your brother says. I actually feel sorry for people who can say things like "It's just a cat" - because it means that they have never known the unconditional love that a companion animal can bring, so they don't understand.
    Puss was loved and cared for as long as he was here, and that was a great gift that you and your father gave him. Thank you.

  2. Morgan, I am so sorry to hear about Puss. I am sure you loved him dearly and he loved you too. It is hard when we lose our little friends. I went through the same thing about 6 years ago. I was devistated when mine passed away. I still get teary eyed thinking about him. I am teary eyed right now. I also had a kitty friend that lived across the street from me. When I would drive up or come walking home, he would do his little trot across to see me. He was so loving. He had to be put to sleep because of an illness. I still miss that wonderful cat. I am sure that Puss knew that you loved him. You gave him a life that he otherwise would not have had. Sweet memories help us remember and move on.

  3. Morgan, it's so hard to lose a cat no matter how long you have it. They just grow on you. Hopefully you'll get another one and it will be with you for 20 years! Good Luck.

  4. Stacy, what a truly beautiful cat Lucy is, and how wonderful of you to give her a chance of a normal life. People like you are my heroes.
    I'm sure you could start a fundraiser for Lucy's medical expenses, many of us would contribute with pleasure - something to think about, maybe ?
    All the best.