Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Video: Oskar & Klaus, the Door Greeters

We are always so excited to come home, especially since Oskar and Klaus welcome us in!


  1. That is why we love (our) cats so much.
    Though our cats are the first minutes "angry"(You left us alone") ,but then we are the best and loviest people of the world.
    Lovely video, again.
    (On YT, i am polderwijffie.Your videos are hidden, did you know that?)

    1. Hi Agnes! Thank you for the kind words. I did make this one video "unlisted" for now, just to make it somewhat of an exclusive to Oskar's blog. Take care!

  2. Don't u just love when they come running 2 greet u? When I would come home from work, mine would be waiting close 2 the door. There were days she'd give me the look as if 2 say "well FINALLY ur home but I'm going out now" & promptly flounce out in2 the hallway 4 a walk. Miss those days still.