Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Find Peri the Blind Kitten a Forever Home! (Updated)

Below is a request from a very dedicated animal lover named Rasheno, who contacted us all the way from Oman in an effort to provide the best possible future home for a wonderful blind kitten named Peri. Instead of paraphrasing our correspondence, I will just post the original e-mails that will give you a background on the situation.

“I follow Oskar's FB page and Blog as Lucy-The Blind Cat. I am Lucy's caretaker.

We have recently accepted a new foster kitty into the home. Peri is fully blind. He was living on the streets here in Muscat, Oman. He was found by an expat lady who feeds the trash container cats here in Muscat. We cannot understand how he could have survived all this time being blind. He is so very fortunate as we are for finding him.

As you know, it is difficult homing blind cats, especially since he is not a small cute kitten. For this reason, I would like to ask for your assistance. I am not sure if you will be able to help me re-home Peri or not. We have fundraiser here so we can raise money to send Peri to the states. The procedures are easy for cats leaving Oman. We can pay for all his paperwork, vaccination and processing. I can try to do an online fundraiser to gather money to pay for his transport in case we don't find a volunteer to bring him to the states. This will not be the first time we are sending cats or dogs overseas. There is a limited number of animal loving expats here in Oman so we find ourselves getting creative in finding people who will adopt our homeless animals. We have sent both dogs and cats to Canada, Spain and America among other places. Another problem is that we don't even have a homeless pets shelter. Many have been trying for over 8 years to get government approval, still no luck. Most of the time people like me foster cats or dogs till we find someone to adopt them. Other times we have to just catch, neuter/spay and release. It is tough for homeless pets here in Oman. In the Summer the temps can go over 100F. It is mostly sand so animals can't find places to hide and find shelter. The average lifespan for a cat is 5-6 years max. We are all doing the best we can, the few of us doing anything.

Here are some of our FB pages that we use to help animals here: (Pet Sitting Oman) (Oman Cat-astrophe) (Oman Animal Adoption and Fostering) (this is my home pet sitting FB page)

In conclusion, if you can think of a way we can help Peri, I would be ever grateful. I cannot keep him myself because I have three which are rescues off the streets. Of those three, Lucy who is blind and was abandoned in a shoe box on the side of the desert, does not do well with new cats. She gets very stressed out and becomes neurotic. She starts pacing in circles. So, three is all I can take care of now.

We will do what we can to find Peri a new home here. But if we can send him to the states we can also be sure that whoever adopts him will not dump him when they leave Oman. That is another problem we have. Many expats dump their pets when their contracts finish and they leave Oman. It is awful since so many of them are making so much money, most of the time tax free.”


“I will have new pictures for Peri after his eye surgery on the 29th. They have to perform this procedure so that he doesn't get infections later. His type of blindness is different from my Lucy so this is all new to me. The vet works with the rescue group and his surgery will be paid for. He will stay with me till he has recouped from his surgery.

A professional photographer has also volunteered to take pro pics of him. This is so important since he doesn't have eyes to convey his sweet nature. I can say that I have never in all my life of living with cats, that would be over 30+ years, come across a cat as sweet and affectionate as Peri. He is very vocal too, of course.”

I personally feel that getting Peri to the United States and into a safe and caring home is an achievable goal, as well as a testament to the fact that borders are a human concept that should never stand in the way of the love and respect that animals deserve. If you feel that you are a right match for Peri (regardless of where you live), please reach out to Rasheno at this e-mail address:


Here is a link to Peri's Fund page:

Here are a few new Peri photos too!


  1. Oh My! I hope he is given a loving home soon!

  2. I really wish I could help. I have two sweet kitties now that keep me busy but give a lot of love. I hope he finds a good, caring home.

  3. I'm afraid I too cannot take him due to circumstances.. but otherwise, I'd gladly give this adorable fellow a forever home.. x

  4. I'm so happy Peri found a home. I was really hoping for it, and I wish all the good for this beautiful cat!

  5. Have you contacted Best Friends Animal Society? ??

    1. That may be an option down the line -- but we're sure that there will be a great person for Peri soon. There were many people in the U.S. interested in him. Thank you so much for the good advice, by the way!

  6. I would love to take Peri!!! I live in Colorado. Is transport available?? I will take him right now! I have a 13 y/o male, but Sam will get over it.

    1. Peri's original foster will have the answers for you -- she's in Oman. Her name is Rasheno, and you should e-mail her at this address:

      I have no answers as far as transport, but there are organizations such as Pilots-N-Paws that will transport rescue animals for free. Let me know if there are any questions or if Rasheno doesn't reply soon. Take care, and THANK YOU!