Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adoption Stories From Around the Web and Around the World (Numbers 9, 10, and 11)!

Here are three more amazing stories about adopting animals that need just a little extra help!  We post the stories just as they are written, and if you have one to share, just e-mail it to!

The first story is a tribute to a very special cat named Sammy, sent in by Karel B. from Florida.

"One night in late July, 2005, when I went to put the food out for the strays, this pathetic creature came charging up to the food bowl. He was so skinny I could count his ribs. He limped, badly, but he was so hungry he almost fell into the bowl. He saw me and ran off. Or rather, he hopped off.. as fast as three legs could carry him.

I walked the complex all that night, trying to find him. He was so wasted that I was afraid he wouldn't last another day. I never found him that night.

I kept looking for him, but days went by and I was certain that he was dead. Then, one morning, there he was! Stumbling, eyes crazy and so hungry! I put out wet food for him and he ate and ate, not caring that I was there. When he took a breather, I scooped him up and brought him inside. I was afraid he might have rabies or something, so I put him in the bathroom... with LOTS of food and water.

I called my friend Paul and asked for a ride to the vet's office. The vet said he had a dislocated shoulder that couldn't be fixed. It had been that way too long. The only thing they could do was to amputate it. No way... I couldn't afford that even if it was an option. I left him there to be neutered and given his shots. The vet said that other than being starved and probably kicked, he was free of any major diseases.

I brought him home the next day, let him out of the carrier and he shot through the door as fast as a bullet. Well... if he wants to come back, he'll know where the food is, I thought. At least he's been neutered and had his vaccinations.

I kept putting food out every night. I didn't see him, but the huge bowl of dry food would be gone, so I hoped he was eating it. Then, one morning, I was out early and saw him. He was leaning up against the wall for support and was trying to walk on only his two right legs. He wasn't using either one of his left ones! He would fall down and scoot across the concrete to reach the food bowl.

That did it. I picked the creature up and brought him inside. I put him in my bedroom. He promptly limped and crawled into the cabinet of my bedside table, so I fixed him some food and water right outside the doors. The litter box is in the bedroom too, so he had everything he needed right there. I also fixed up the cabinet with clean towels to make it softer for him.

By the next day he had become used to me and would let me pick him up to examine his back foot. It was badly infected.. abscessed. He needed go back to the vet.

He couldn't walk at all. All he could do was scoot. I carried him to the litter box, to his food bowl and back to bed every few hours that first day. The second day off to the vet he went.

By the fourth day of antibiotics, he could almost walk again. (this carrying him was getting old for both of us!) He was still so scared that he wouldn't come out of the cupboard. I started calling him my Cupboard Cat!

I named him Samson because he was so strong. It just seemed to fit him, so he became Sammy. He likes that name.

He never lets go of me. Not if he can help it anyway. Every day he would get stronger and stronger and he'd go hippety-hop anywhere I was. And he'd chatter up a storm! Non-stop telling me what, I don't know, but he sure talks!

And then one day a little miracle happened. He put his left foot down!! And every third step he'd put a little weight on it!! This was a first! There he stood, so proud of himself!!

I can sure tell you they must have heard me scream with joy all the way in Tallahassee!

Now he's my little flirt. He still stays in the bedroom, but always on my bed. He doesn't mix with the others yet, but I'm hoping that one day he will. He lays on the bed so he can watch me on the computer - and so he knows when I'm getting ready to feed the hoard."

This is Sammy when I first saw him.

Now who could resist this little guy??

Next we have the tale of Penny the Blind Cat sent in by Jocelyn L. from Chicago.  Penny is also on the web at

"Penny came into my life in February 2009. I was living in a studio apartment and decided that since I probably couldn't have a pet, I would volunteer at a local no-kill shelter, Red Door in Chicago. The day I got there I met Penny, who back then went by Charisma (we'll get to that later...). I explained how I didn't think I could have pets because of limited space, and the very lovely volunteers thought this would be a great opportunity to find a home for Charisma. She didn't do well with other cats, and had been at the shelter for about 5 years. They guessed she was about 9 years old when I first met her. She was not having a good time. So I meet Charisma, and I can see why. She was blind, and had no eyes. She was apparently already blind when she arrived at the shelter and her eyes were very infected, and her eyes were removed. She was also front declawed and living in the shelter with cats who probably just wanted to play with her, but it stressed her out. She had scabs on her head, back and side from scratching herself. Charisma was pretty defenseless.

So...what a perfect fit! I had a small place, no children, no other pets, perfect for Charisma. The shelter was nice enough to let me foster her and she if she was well suited to me before I full on adopted her. I remember disctinctly sitting down next to her at the shelter, telling her I was going to take her home and to see if she liked it. And she bit me! Undeterred, I took her home. I did not like the name Charisma (I thought it sounded like a stripper), so I renamed her Penny. At first Penny would not stop talking! Now we lovingly refer to it as her "singing". The first night she jumped up on the couch, and she had no problem finding her litterbox and food. She slowly began getting more acclimated to me, sitting on my lap, purring, and kneading my belly. She would jump on the bed with me, and sleep right next to me. After a few months, this turned into sleeping ON me, which she still does. Penny is having the time of her life in her kitty retirement home, making new friends, wearing crazy sunglasses, letting The Strange Man (my boyfriend Tim, as she refers to him on her Facebook page) take care of her, and finding the warmest spots in the condo to curl up and nap."

The last story today is a tribute to beautiful Miss Kitty, sent in by Stacy H. from Oklahoma City.

"Miss Kitty, she was something special. My husband found her outside our home early one morning, both eyes were infected and along with both ears and her sinuses. Being a nurse, I brought home some pediatric antibiotics and immediately got her started on them so hopefully she would survive. She was so small she fit in the palm of my hand and had to be bottled fed, the vet thought she was less than 7 days old when we found her. She eventually lost one of her eyes due to the infection and the one eye she did have she could not see out of very well, but that never slowed her down! I was not a cat person before Miss Kitty, but she transformed me into a lover of cats. Miss Kitty was with us for 6 years, 6 years she may have never had, had my husband not picked her up out of our front yard that one fateful morning."

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  1. Thank u ladies. It seems like a recurring theme, the "I was not a cat person". I said that 2. My Chrissie was not physically injured when she came 2 my window 1 night. I was really allergic 2 cats (hives, wheezing, red eyes...) so I didnt take her in the 1st night. Finally broke down & did , crawled under a car 2 try 2 get her, them my friend managed 2 catch her the 2nd night. We were inseparable 4 almost 15 years. She ALWAYS had 2 be touching me somewhere when she slept. I do believe that she had been thrown out in a plastic bag b4 SHE found ME cuz she would run the other way if u ever shook a plastic bag. I think she always wanted me 2 be connected 2 her cuz she died on my birthday. :-(( That was in '92 & I will ALWAYS remember her.